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You don’t realize the importance of a good background color until you stumble on a website with a bad one. The right background color is subtle, and seamlessly captures your brand without distracting the user. The wrong background color … well, it’s all the user will notice, probably.

Since the birth of search engines like Google and Yahoo in the early 1990s, the never-ending battle between creativity and SEO has been a hot topic. And finding a balance between the two has never been more important, whether you run a small business or a global organization. But what does “good” mean, and how do you achieve it?

When I think of the mid-2010s Internet, I think about Tumblr. This magical online platform allowed (and still allows) you to build a personalized blog with unique elements like an HTML cursor. You could code it yourself or choose from a number of themes to tailor your blog to perfection. When I kicked off my blog, I wanted to get my aesthetic just right — which inxfcluded a heart-shaped animated cursor that alternated between colors of the rainbow.

When I started my coding journey, I couldn’t always pinpoint what made a web page great — all of the code underneath that craft a well-designed experience. So, I would use the inspect element on my browser to peel back the curtain. Here, I could see how pages were coded so I could understand how to recreate elements for my own projects.