I Discovered 15 of the Best Sentiment Analysis Tools of 2024

Have you ever received a message from a friend or family member and couldn’t tell if they were joking or not? If so, you’re not alone — and that’s exactly why sentiment analyzers are helpful. Businesses constantly experience this challenge on a large scale. When communicating with customers in a non-face-to-face setting, it can be tricky — or downright impossible — to determine the tone of the message. That’s where sentiment analysis comes into the picture. 

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In this post, we’ll explain what a sentiment analysis tool is and provide a list of the best options available for your team this year.

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Benefits of Adopting a Sentiment Analysis Tool

Want to dive deeper into the benefits of utilizing a sentiment analyzer? I’ll walk you through the five most critical reasons brands consider sentiment analysis worthwhile. 

1. Streamlined Feedback Management

If your company provides an omnichannel experience, a sentiment analysis tool can save your team valuable time organizing and reporting customer feedback. With the help of a sentiment analyzer, your team won’t have to spend time tracking down feedback. Instead, it will be aggregated in one easy-to-access place. 

2. Better Problem Resolution

Automating the process of analyzing customer feedback enables your customer service teams to respond more effectively to your customers.

Rather than going through each tweet and comment one by one, a sentiment analysis tool processes your feedback and automatically interprets whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral. This will allow you to proactively address issues before they escalate, improving the overall customer experience.

3. Improved Product and Service Quality

Gaining insights into customer sentiments and pain points allows you to adjust your products and services. This will enable you to enhance quality and meet your customer expectations. For instance, if your sentiment analysis tool repeatedly tags mentions of the same issue, you know it’s worth digging into deeper. Without the assistance of the sentiment analyzer, you wouldn’t be able to put the puzzle pieces together as quickly as you can with it. 

4. Informed Business Decisions

Many sentiment analysis tools combine your data and display it in charts or graphs that clearly outline trends in your customer response. These insights enable you to make informed business decisions to boost customer satisfaction. Without sentiment analysis, it would be difficult to identify trends in your customer feedback — which is a large reason why using a tool is so important. 

5. Real-Time Feedback Analysis

Sentiment analysis tools offer the ability to analyze customer feedback in real time, allowing immediate action and response to customer sentiments. You don’t have to wait days or weeks to determine what customers are saying about your business — you can access this information right away. 

Now that you know what a sentiment analysis tool is and how it can benefit your business, let’s look at some of the best tools available in 2024. 

1. HubSpot’s Service Hub

sentiment analyzer: hubspot's service hub

HubSpot’s customer feedback tool

HubSpot’s Service Hub includes a customer feedback tool to break down qualitative survey responses and evaluate them for positive or negative intent. It uses NPS® surveys to clarify whether a customer’s review was good or bad and organizes them based on sentiment. 

Users can analyze the results by looking at one comprehensive dashboard that includes charts and graphs that provide an overview of customer satisfaction.

HubSpot’s Service Hub suite can also analyze customers on an individual basis. You can integrate your CRM with Service Hub and review survey responses from specific contacts in your database. That way, your team can quickly identify customers who are unhappy and follow up with them after they’ve had a negative experience with your brand.

What makes HubSpot’s Service Hub stand out is its seamless integration with other HubSpot modules and over 1,500 leading apps and web services. This ensures that your customer service teams have all the necessary data at their fingertips to conduct in-depth sentiment analysis and make informed decisions.

Remember, 59% of US consumers will walk away from a business after several bad experiences — and 17% will walk away after they’ve had just one unsatisfactory experience, according to PwC. This gives your team an opportunity to intercept unhappy customers and prevent potential churn.

What we love: HubSpot’s Service Hub offers tailored onboarding and free online training. With guidance from certified solutions partners or dedicated onboarding specialists, navigating the tool becomes seamless for your service team. 

Price: $20/month for a CRM Suite starter plan, $18/month for a Starter Plan, and $450/month for a Professional plan. (You can also get started with some of our tools for free.) 

2. Idiomatic

sentiment analyzer: idiomatic

Image source

Idiomatic builds customer sentiment analysis models based on your specific business. Idiomatic’s sentiment labels are calibrated to the specific channels of your customer feedback.

For each data source (app reviews, support tickets, etc.), Idiomatic has different sentiment analysis models. As a result, you can track more accurate sentiments by channel.

With Idiomatic, you can also track changes in sentiment by channel and customer segments over time. As a result, you can evaluate channel and customer segment performance and improve issues causing frustration and negative sentiment.

What sets Idiomatic apart is its custom data labels, organized into easy-to-understand categories and issues. This innovative feature bridges the gap between the language of your customers and the way your business describes issues. 

By creating a comprehensive and custom set of labels for each of your unique data sets, Idiomatic can surface trends that may have previously gone unnoticed. This results in unified and up-to-date insights on an ongoing basis, allowing you to stay ahead of customer needs and expectations.

What we love: Idiomatic leverages AI to ensure that the insights derived are both accurate and reliable. This helps you unlock the “why” behind customer feedback, offering a complete, data-driven voice of the customer.

Price: $399 a month for a simple data sources plan; $1,999 a month for a complex data sources plan.

3. Talkwalker

talkwalker: sentiment analyzer

Image source

Talkwalker’s “Quick Search” is a sentiment analysis tool that’s part of a larger customer service platform. This tool works best with your social media channels because it can tell you exactly how people feel about your company’s social media accounts.

Quick Search looks at your mentions, comments, engagements, and other data to provide your team with an extensive breakdown of how customers respond to your social media activity. This helps your team plan and produce effective campaigns that captivate your target audience.

What makes this tool highly effective is its aspect-based sentiment analysis. This feature provides granular insights into customer feedback by focusing on specific elements influencing opinions and satisfaction. 

It enables your business to pinpoint exact areas of contentment or discontent, allowing for targeted improvements in products or services. 

What we love: Talkwalker analyzes support tickets and emails, helping you identify common customer issues and concerns. This feature is useful in refining customer support processes and aligning products & services closely with customer expectations.

Price: Talkware offers a listen plan, analyze plan, business plan, and premium plan. Pricing for all plans is available upon request.

4. Reputation

reputation: sentiment analyzer

Image Source 

Powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing), the Reputation platform breaks down customer sentiment and analyzes feedback to highlight trends and topics in real time.

Their advanced text analytics determine what people are commenting on and whether the comments are positive or negative. This allows users to surface customer pain points across multiple digital channels or locations.

Reputation’s real-time alerts & mentions feature enables you to set alerts for mentions of your brand and trending keywords. The feature helps manage customer communications and address potential crises. This ensures your business maintains a positive relationship with your customers and swiftly responds to their needs.

What we love: Reputation offers real-time sentiment analysis reports that allow you to analyze customer sentiment minute-by-minute. This feature is crucial for measuring experiences and making immediate improvements for better customer satisfaction.

Price: Available upon request.

5. Repustate

sentiment analyzer: repustate

Image source

Repustate has a sophisticated text-analysis API that accurately assesses the sentiment behind customer responses. Its software can pick up on short-form text and slang like lol, rofl, and smh. It also analyzes emojis and determines their intention within the context of a message.

For example, if I use a 😉 emoji, Repustate tells you if that’s a positive or negative symbol based on what it finds in the rest of the conversation.

Repustate also lets you customize your API’s rules to have it filter for language that may be specific to your industry.

If there’s slang or alternate meanings for words, you can program those subtleties into Repustate’s system. This way, you have full control over how the software analyzes your customers’ feedback.

Additionally, Repustate uses sentiment analysis to identify what is working well in your customer service and what requires improvement. It achieves this by classifying customer feedback into various categories, such as pricing, service, location, and ease of use, providing a complete overview of customer satisfaction.

What we love: Repustate’s multilingual sentiment analysis supports over 20 languages. It breaks down language barriers and provides actionable insights from diverse customer feedback. This feature significantly enhances customer service by enabling you to understand and engage effectively with a global customer base.

Price: $199 a month for standard plan; $499 a month for a premium plan.

6. Brand24

Brand24: sentiment analyzer

Image source

Brand24 is a media monitoring tool that automatically performs sentiment analysis around your brand or any topic related to your business.

It collects publicly available mentions from the Internet, including social media, blogs, forums, websites, news sites, customer reviews, videos, podcasts, and other places.

Brand24 uses advanced machine learning algorithms and NLP techniques that analyze the text in real-time and assign the appropriate sentiment based on the words used.

With sentiment analysis, you can quickly check which mentions are positive, negative, or neutral. Their robust analytics allow you to see how often people talk about your brand and competitors, social media reach, top influencers, and more.

What makes Brand24 exceptional is its ability to let businesses discover real-time discussions about their brand. This feature facilitates immediate engagement in relevant conversations with just a single click. This ensures that any arising issues are addressed quickly, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

What we love: Brand24’s alert system notifies your business of significant shifts in discussion volume or brand-specific mentions. This approach enables you to swiftly respond to changes, especially negative mentions from high-traffic profiles, safeguarding your brand’s reputation.

Price: Free 14-day trial, then $99 a month for an individual plan; $179 a month for a team plan; $249 a month for a pro plan; or $499 for an enterprise plan.

7. Meltwater

Meltwater sentiment analyzer tool Image Source 

Meltwater’s sentiment analysis utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to evaluate the sentiment expressed in social media posts, articles, and other online content.

The Meltwater offers comprehensive sentiment analysis, providing text processing, lexicon-based analysis, contextual understanding, weighting and scoring, and aggregation & summarization.

There are several advantages to using Meltwater for sentiment analysis: comprehensive data coverage, accurate sentiment interpretation, customizable sentiment analysis, real-time monitoring, comparative analysis, and integrated analytics and reporting.

Additionally, Meltwater’s Consumer Intelligence Suite is designed to assist in understanding what customers really think, want, and need. It applies AI, data science, and market research expertise to a live feed of global data sources, transforming unstructured data into scientific predictions. 

What we love: Meltwater intelligently categorizes and structures customer data using AI. It enhances the accuracy and efficiency of sentiment analysis by eliminating spam and false positives. This feature ensures that the data used for analysis is relevant and reliable, leading to more insightful and dependable results.

Price: Book a demo for pricing.

8. Lexalytics

lexalytics: sentiment analyzer tool

Image source

Lexalytics offers a text analysis tool that explains why a customer is responding to your business in a certain way.

It uses natural language processing to parse the text and then runs a sentiment analysis to determine the intent behind the customer’s message.

Additionally, Lexalytics can extract themes or topics from large volumes of text, allowing you to identify and address specific concerns that customers are discussing. It concludes the process by compiling the information it derives into an easy-to-read and shareable display. 

While most sentiment analysis tools tell you how customers feel, Lexalytics differentiates itself by telling you why customers feel the way they do.

What we love: The Symantria API by Lexalytics can detect customer intentions in the text, such as intent to purchase, intent to leave, or intent to recommend. This insight can help your business predict customer behavior and take measures to enhance customer satisfaction.

Price: Pricing available on request.

9. SentiSum

SentiSum: sentiment analyzer Image Source

SentiSum can be used to centralize all your voice of customer insights and make them available to wider teams in the company.

Integrating directly with leading support platforms like Zendesk, Dixa, HubSpot, and Intercom, SentiSum’s clever AI learns how your customers express themselves to give accurate insights into customer sentiment. It analyzes and tags every customer conversation across various channels like emails, chats, phone calls, surveys, and reviews in over 100 languages, providing valuable insights such as sentiment and the reason for contact.

With a simple one-click integration, SentiSum quickly identifies the top reasons for customer contacts, sentiment, and the true drivers of NPS and CSAT in just a few minutes. By gaining a deeper understanding of customers’ sentiments, you can respond quickly and effectively to their needs, improve their experience, and increase their loyalty.

What we love: SentiSum’s “Dig In” feature, a part of their Generative AI series, allows you to delve deep into your tickets quickly. It extracts valuable insights and summarizes crucial details, such as the causes of issues or what customers love about your product, improving the understanding of customer feedback.

Price: $2000 monthly for a pro plan; book a demo for enterprise plan pricing. 

10. Critical Mention

sentiment analyzer: critical mention

Image Source

Critical Mention differs from the other options on this list because it analyzes news and other publications that reference your business. This way, you can see the sentiment behind stories that are rapidly surfacing to the public.

Since news coverage is now a 24/7 affair, it helps to have software that can monitor the internet and alert you to any buzz your business is making.

Critical Mention can even alert you to stories that appear on television. You can search through video files for mentions of your company and easily clip videos to share with other employees.

If your business gets positively mentioned on a live broadcast, quickly access the video segment and share it on your social media channels. This can help you create effective online content that capitalizes on timely marketing opportunities.

One of the impressive features of Critical Mention is that it offers results within 60 seconds and provides real-time notifications about the latest mentions and sentiments, ensuring you are always updated.

What we love: Critical Mention is built on modern cloud technology, offering real-time alerts and in-depth analytics. This provides reliable media monitoring and insights you can trust.

Price: Pricing available on request.

11. Brandwatch

brandwatch: sentiment analyzer

Image Source

One of the coolest features of Brandwatch is its “image insights” tool, which can identify images associated with your brand.

For example, say you upload an image of your brand’s logo. Brandwatch surfs the web for images that include that logo. Then, it compiles the images into a list and highlights exactly where your brand’s logo appears.

Additionally, Brandwatch’s software provides interesting insights into each image it finds. This includes metrics like mention volume, aggregate followers, and latest activity. With Brandwatch, your team sees where your brand’s images are appearing and how those images are performing with your target audience. 

Impressively, Brandwatch has invested 17+ years in developing industry-leading AI optimized for analyzing fast-changing, unstructured data. Using this AI technology, Brandwatch can automatically surface insights, discover objects, scenes, actions, and logos in images, and instantly find relevant data on any brand or topic.

What we love: Brandwatch’s Consumer Research provides instant access to the world’s largest archive of consumer opinions. This feature can be very useful in times of planning or crisis, allowing decision-makers to make the right decision based on historical consumer data.

Price: Pricing available upon request.

12. Sentiment Analysis Ticket

sentiment analysis ticket: sentiment analyzer Image Source 

Sentiment Analysis Ticket is a HubSpot integration designed to analyze the sentiment of conversations related to your tickets using AI. 

By intercepting and studying the tone and context of customer request conversations, it offers valuable insights to enhance your customer service. The application is capable of providing real-time sentiment feedback by analyzing the text of emails associated with a ticket in HubSpot. 

What makes this tool effective is its ability to summarize the sentiment of the conversation in the ticket property, indicating whether the message’s sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. This data can be effectively utilized in your workflows or reports, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions.

What we love: Sentiment Analysis Ticket provides real-time insights into what people say about your brand. The platform alerts you of any significant changes in discussion volume or mentions, enabling you to discover and address these changes quickly.

Price: Free plans are available; €9 a month for a starter plan; €29 a month for a pro plan; €49 a month for an ultra plan, €99 a month for an enterprise plan.

13. Social Searcher

social searcher: sentiment analyzer

Image Source 

Social Searcher is a social media monitoring platform designed to monitor public mentions across various platforms, including social networks, blogs, forums, news sites, and more. It also includes a free sentiment analysis tool that lets you know whether the buzz surrounding any particular keyword, hashtag, or username is positive or negative.

It also breaks reports down by social media platforms so you can see exactly how your brand performs across different apps and channels.

One of the standout features of Social Searcher is its ability to distill negative feedback from social networks, allowing you to address concerns before they escalate. 

What we love: Social Searcher’s real-time monitoring and immediate email alerts ensure you never miss out on crucial customer feedback. Additionally, its capability to analyze sentiment in multiple languages and across various digital channels makes it an excellent tool for brands aiming to maintain a positive online reputation.

Price: Free to start; €3.49 a month for a basic plan; €8.49 a month for a standard plan; €19.49 a month for a professional plan.

14. Rosette 

rosette: sentiment analyzer Image Source 

Rosette is a text analytics and discovery platform specializing in processing human language using AI. It is great for international businesses because it can review text-based data in over 30 languages. This means you won’t have to translate conversations before you upload them, which is not only faster but ensures greater accuracy.

Since most customers will use shorthand or slang, third-party translation tools can inadvertently change the meaning of their text.

With Rosette, its system is built to analyze text in the language that it’s written, so you won’t lose any valuable feedback, even if it’s written informally. One of the standout features of Rosette is that you can train Rosette for custom domains (like tech or e-commerce) or additional languages using the Rosette Classification Field Training Kit.

What we love: Rosette’s sentiment analysis capability is trained on tweets and reviews, enabling it to understand strong positive and negative sentiments in a text.

Price: $100 monthly for a starter plan, $400 a month for a medium plan, $1,000 a month for a large plan.

15. MonkeyLearn 

sentiment analyzer: monkeylearn Image Source

MonkeyLearn is a sentiment analysis tool that’s easy to customize. All you have to do is create categorization tags and then manually highlight different text parts to show what content belongs to each tag. Over time, the software learns on its own and can process multiple files simultaneously.

MonkeyLearn also provides its customers with a free “Word Cloud” tool that tells them what words are frequently used within each categorization tag. This can help businesses discover common customer roadblocks by looking for repeat mentions of specific products or services.

If you notice one product is consistently listed under a negative categorization tag, this would suggest there’s an issue with that product that customers are unhappy about.

MonkeyLearn stands out with its business templates tailored for various scenarios, equipped with pre-made text analysis models and dashboards. These templates simplify the analytics process, allowing users to upload data, run the analysis, and instantly visualize actionable insights. 

What we love: Leveraging artificial intelligence, MonkeyLearn provides instant data visualizations and detailed insights, enabling you to understand your customer sentiments better. The platform’s ability to connect seamlessly with apps and BI tools through native integrations, SQL connections, or APIs further enhances its utility. 

Price: Starts free, $299 monthly for a team plan, $999 a month for business plans.

Understanding the Voice of Digital Consumer

Understanding customer feedback is more crucial than ever in this digital age. With so many text-based customer interactions flooding your business daily, sentiment analysis tools have become a “must-have” to understand your customers better. These tools not only help decode the tone and intent behind each message but also empower you to tailor your strategies based on genuine customer insights. 

We hope you found this list helpful as you embark on your sentiment analysis journey. Always remember, customer engagement is not just about hearing the words; it’s about understanding their sentiments.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published February 2021 and has since been updated for comprehensiveness.

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